Enrique Acosta, Founder & CEO

About Enrique, our Founder & CEO

Enrique Acosta is the Co-Founder of Container Seal Project Partners (CSPP), a collaboration with Coremet Trading. Enrique and the CSPP team successfully developed the Eye Seal container breach solution that was awarded a US patent in 201? The product has been self funded and is going to market in 2018.

In addition to his recent success and traction with Eye Seal, Enrique leads BMB Metals, a scrap metal broker firm that is self financed and has a presence in over 10 countries world-wide. Enrique has become an expert in maritime shipping and cargo logistics maximizing opportunities for BMB.

Prior to opening BMB, Enrique was part of AMI Trading in Miami, Florida from 1993 to 2003 specializing in business development for Latin America and the Caribbean. Enrique was also instrumental in expanding AMI to the US Virgin Islands and applying for the Economic Development Commission incentives in 2001. AMI provided Enrique with a perfect platform to learn about maritime cargo and move forward to start his own business.

Enrique’s scrap metal experience with cargo theft and his team building ability in connecting key team players with Coremet, Paragon Innovations and others like Telit has allowed him to grow the Eye Seal initiative and remain a majority partner at CSPP.

Enrique has been a leading force with the Bureau of International Recycling (BIR). He Founded the Latin America Committee in 2012 and Chaired it for 2 years. The Committee is responsible for all of BIR’s advocacy and presence in Latin America and the Caribbean

Enrique is a Certified Licensed Inspector with the China Certification and Inspection Group and a Tulane graduate with a Major in Political Science and International Relations. He is married to Ingrid and they enjoy coastal living in Central Florida’s east coast.