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EyeSeal® revolutionizes container security by providing a comprehensive Breach Detection solution. EyeSeal® delivers a solution designed for quick installation into any ISO-standard Maritime Container and other Vertical Door Conveyances. With our shipper-installed solution, we seamlessly deliver GSM-based real-time cargo breach and monitoring alerts

Maritime Container

EyeSeal® Maritime Contain breach solution provides visibility to unauthorized breaches.  Our device is shipper-independent and easy for cargo owners to install at the point of loading.  Bring shipper-neutral breach detection and visibility to the emerging digital cargo ecosystem.

Intermodal Trucking

EyeSeal® revolutionizes the intermodal trucking industry with cargo breach detection and visibility through advanced technologies and data-driven solutions, we can effectively address the significant challenges related to cargo security and leading to potential losses and operational disruptions. 

Port Effectiveness

EyeSeal® provides international port authorities and governments to improve port velocity and operational effectiveness.  Our Cargo Breach Detection solution provides the trust and confidence required to set up a  pre-clearing Fastlane, eliminating congestion while improving security coverage while reducing VAT tax loss.

The EyeSeal® Difference

Understanding our Definition of Comprehensive

Reliable Mount

EyeSeal® addresses the glaring flaw of the industry standard security bolt seals. These bolts are easily defeated and provide no information about a container’s journey. Unlike the bolt seal and most tracking devices, the EyeSeal® device is mounted directly against the doors on the inside of the container. EyeSeal® monitors, detects, records and reports variations, including door openings, light values, and changes in environmental norms throughout the entire logistic chain.

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Easy Installation Procedure

The container is made visible through quick and easy installation of the EyeSeal® device. Unlike GPS or Satellite technology, it is not dependent on Line of Sight, or external components such as antennae. The EyeSeal® device is based on GSM (Global System for Mobile communications). GSM Data is fully verifiable by Law Enforcement.

Patented Technology

EyeSeal® regularly communicates any ambient changes or unplanned deviations throughout the entire transportation chain of the cargo. Once the container is opened, our patented technology captures the event and sends the alert.

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The EyeSeal® Device is Supported
by EyeTrack

Stakeholder Visibility via 
Eye-Track Platform

Stakeholder Visibility via
EyeTrack Platform

Through its EyeTrack (user interface) platform, the container is made visible, be it by truck, rail and sea or combination of the three. EyeTrack is a proprietary web-based ‘Platform’ that gives stakeholders extensive, regular visibility by capturing and displaying the Unit data.

Comprehensive Voyage Data Monitoring

Data monitored and reported from the Unit includes Door Position (Each Door–Open / Close), Internal Light Values, Temperature, Humidity and Dew Point.
The Unit default settings are recorded every 6 hours during the entire Voyage and this data is displayed as an in route “Scheduled Report”.

Real-time Alerts and Full Voyage Reports

Upon deviation from any of the container data monitored by sensors, the EyeTrack issues an immediate “Alert” to the designated Users. The Alerts are delivered with a Date and Time Stamp as well as Location. In addition, the EyeSeal® System provides an ongoing Full Voyage “Report” which can be shared with all stakeholders in the supply chain. This Report is composed of all the Unit Data collected from origin point to final destination.

Supporting Subheading

Our device

The EyeSeal® Internal Container Breach Detector is a device that can protect and monitor cargo in over 180 countries. The unit is ideal for container breach monitoring, security and logistics management.
We address theft, security and damage during shipping with groundbreaking technology. The majority of theft during shipment occurs while in transit on land. Thieves have mastered the art of removing cargo while leaving external container inert door seals intact.
Our device can identify the location and time of any container breach. Monitoring each door, as well as other parameters within the container allows transparency in the logistic chain and the capability to identify problems with cargo before it arrives at destination.

Key Features

Our patented internal mount system provides secure monitoring and immediate breach alerts
for reliable logistics chain management


Internal mount with patented internal breach detection sensors that monitor doors and environmental parameters inside the container.


Internal sensors detect temperature, light, humidity and dew point.


No external Components and arrives fully configured and charged.


Based on a communications platform.
Powered by ICON that is dependable, international and cost effective with 2G/3G cellular coverage for data in 180 countries.


Supported by our International
Container Observation Network (ICON) application with a secure, web-based customizable platform.


Establishes custody & responsibility over the logistics chain via scheduled VISAR reports and immediate breach alerts with a time/date and location stamp.

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