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“Visibility” and “Trust” Cargo Breach Detection protects  and preserves “Commercial Relationships” and provides value to the broader shipping ecosystem:

– International Law Enforcement Agencies – Organized Crime and Smuggling.
– Sovereign Tax Authorities – Import / Export Tax compliance.
– Sovereign Environmental Authorities – Restricted / Prohibited Goods.
– Insurance Companies – Mitigation and Subrogation.
– Predictive Data Analytics.
– Supply Chain and Procurement Audits.
– Brand Protection and quality control.

Problems That We Address

International Shipping robust cargo Breach Detection to achieve transparency, reduce financial risks, and minimize supply chain friction, allowing stakeholders to succeed in the fourth industrial revolution.



In contrast to traditional inert bolt seals, modern breach detection technologies go beyond being mere physical identifiers of past breaches. EyeSeal® can report the precise time and location of any unauthorized access in cargo and maritime settings. By providing real-time alerts and actionable data, these advanced detection methods empower the shipping ecosystem to respond swiftly to security threats, preventing potential losses and ensuring the integrity of goods throughout their journey. Embracing these innovative solutions marks a significant step towards a more secure and transparent logistics industry. Implementing advanced breach detection systems enhances overall cargo security and fosters “Trust and Confidence” in global trade and transportation networks.

Digital Trade Cargo Security

Digital Trade Cargo Security

Digital Trade has been characterized as the “Fourth Industrial Revolution”. Secure Digital Trade Documentation is ineffective without proper cargo and conveyance security. All Stakeholders adopting Digital Trade practices must ensure that processes are in place to safeguard the Cargo.


Cargo Theft

Annually, Maritime Shipping has billions of dollars in Cargo damage and loss. Global losses have been estimated by the International Chamber of Commerce and the International Maritime Bureau to be between US $20 Billion and US $200 Billion per annum.


Every year, 750 million containers are shipped around the globe, but less than two percent of these are inspected. Over the last decade, container shipping has become the most common form of trafficking into the European continent.

Economic Loss

Economic Loss

Governments and shippers both rely on the accurate and timely delivery and accountability of shipped goods. Supply Chain Friction affects the economic conditions of all parties involved. “Time is Money” and Inefficiencies drive up the cost of doing business.

What is EyeSeal®?

Patented internal breach detection sensors that digitally monitor each door independently


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Cargo Monitoring Process

Bolivia to China


No mystery in shipping

Timely reports on doors openings and changes of environment to all the interested parties are to enhance supply chain visibility.
Customs would detect tax fraud and illegal imports of goods more efficiently.
Finding containing burglars is to increase commercial confidence and clarify insurance related concerns.

Highly sensitive detection

Highly sensitive detection

Internal environmental sensors constantly measure:
– Door opening sensor;
– Optic sensor to detect tiny variations of light inside the container;
– Temperature monitoring sensor;
– Humidity and dew sensor;
– Battery status;
– Location and date-stamp;
– Type of breach.

24/7 alert notification desk

Our operators notify a predetermined chain of command at the instant of incidents, including:
– Container breaches of all kinds;
– Pre-set Internal environment level infringements such as temperature and humidity levels.
Key stakeholders to be notified can include:
– Cargo shipper;
– Cargo recipient;
– Insurance companies;
– Survey companies.

Real time monitoring

Real time monitoring

A container breach (authorized or unauthorized) triggers an alert which is sent to the user-interface (UI):
– 2-step military grade communications encryption;
– Customizable reporting intervals to the UI provide a full history of all; – Recorded events throughout the entire voyage;
– The UI is an easy-to-use web-based platform;
– Container data can be uploaded by the customer (transit documents, packing list, invoice, etc.)



Completed Actual Product Testing & Deployments Worldwide.
Memorandums of Understandings.
Scheduled Paid Pilot Programs.

An obvious investment

Obvious investment

– Competitive pricing: Each device amounts to a tiny fraction of the value of the cargo;
– No hidden costs;
– Savings on insurance premiums;
– Avoidance of cargo theft & fraud.

of maritime shipping containers
across the globe
years of experience in the international commodities trade
countries served

Our Competitive Advantages

Experienced shippers lead our team, providing EyeSeal® with global deployment and verifiable VISAR history

Breach Detection

We focus on solving the challenging problem of Realtime Breach detection.  The “ When and Where”  matter.

Hidden Security Integration

EyeSeal® is undetected and mounted inside a metal shipping container.

Real-Time VISAR History

Verifiable Immediate & Schedule Alert Report (VISAR) history that is equivalent to a Survey Report or extensive investigative efforts.

Tested and Proven

Our solution has been deployed with private Cargo owners around the world as well as large publicly managed government pilots.

Global Coverage

The EyeSeal® works in over 180 countries with the same SIM card.

Patent Protection

Our design is protected by a US Patent.

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