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EyeSeal Supports Gateway2Britain Digital Trade Initiative

EyeSeal’s Cargo Breach Detection device and EyeTrack application having successfully completed Gateway2Britain digital trade pilot is recognized as delivering an increased level of trust and confidence while reducing friction in the supply chain.

Today, EyeSeal Inc. along with PROSS and Tempest, our global distribution partners, are pleased to announce that EyeSeal’s cargo breach detection device and EyeTrack application have successfully completed Gateway2Britain digital trade pilot. We are honored to have been selected as the primary provider of digital cargo breach detection and monitoring solution to highlight the advantages and feasibility of digital trade.
EyeSeal technology offers significant value across the supply chain by providing proactive measures to identify and prevent cargo theft, loss, or damage. The benefits extend beyond risk mitigation, encompassing improved efficiency, increased transparency, and better regulatory compliance.
Cargo breach detection technology contributes to building trust and confidence among stakeholders in the supply chain. Shippers and cargo owners can demonstrate their commitment to security and protection by implementing robust breach detection systems. This, in turn, enhances their reputation and brand image, making them more attractive partners for other businesses and customers.
Additionally, with increased transparency provided by breach detection technologies, stakeholders have better visibility into the movement and condition of their cargo, reducing uncertainty and building trust in the supply chain. This trust and confidence benefit the entire ecosystem, fostering stronger relationships, collaboration, and ultimately, increased business opportunities.
“It has been a pleasure to work with Deloitte and the other stakeholders during the G2B validation period,” said Enrique Acosta, CEO EyeSeal Inc., “Putting EyeSeal solutions to the test clearly demonstrated that digital breach detection solutions can enhance security, deter criminal activity, streamline operations, and build trust within the supply chain.”
Bringing it all together, cargo breach detection technologies help organizations comply with relevant security and safety regulations. Regulatory bodies often require businesses involved in the transportation of goods to implement measures to ensure the integrity and security of cargo. Failure to comply can result in fines, penalties, and damage to the organization’s reputation. By utilizing breach detection solutions, businesses can not only meet these requirements but also demonstrate their commitment to maintaining the highest security standards. This proactive approach to regulatory compliance helps businesses avoid costly repercussions and fosters trust with regulatory agencies, further facilitating smooth operations within the industry.
About EyeSeal Inc – EyeSeal is a next-generation shipping container monitoring provider. EyeSeal’s patented technology provides notification of unauthorized breach detection. Focused on delivering increased trust and confidence in the supply chain reduces friction and provides new methods of regulatory compliance.
About PROSS FZC – PROSS is a leading UAE-based technology company that provides innovative technology solutions for the maritime logistics sector.
About Tempest BVBA – Tempest is a Belgium-based global leader in the design, construction, and maintenance of navigational infrastructure projects.

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