Monitoring Product of the Year Award Announced

Fort Lauderdale, February 23, 2023 — TMC, a global, integrated media company, helps clients build communities in print, in person, and online. They do this in conjunction with their partner Crossfire Media, and today, announced the winner of the 2023 IoT Supply Chain and Cargo Monitoring Product of the Year Award. This was presented at IoT Evolution Expo.

Cargo shipping containers are highly susceptible to theft and tampering as they move through canals and ports worldwide. In response to these supply chain challenges and upcoming regulations, TMC has launched an annual award for supply chain and asset tracking, which has received numerous applications. This year, Enrique Acosta, CEO of Eye-Seal, and their international partner Jean-Marc Derrouazi, CEO of PROSS, were awarded the inaugural Supply Chain and Cargo Monitoring Award at IoT Evolution Expo.
Eye-Seal’s cargo breach detection device and Eye-Track application effectively address the concerns of shippers and governments around the globe in combatting cargo theft and tampering. The device is a stand-alone unit that is supported by Eye-Track, a proprietary web-based platform that provides verifiable visibility over the container’s entire voyage. The platform can be seamlessly integrated into customers’ own applications and services if desired.
The patented detection sensors installed in the device monitor the container’s door position, providing verifiable details on when and where unplanned container breaches occur. This information is critical in alerting stakeholders of the risk of theft or tampering. Additionally, the device has a suite of onboard sensors that provide real-time monitoring of light values, temperature, humidity, and dew point factors throughout the container’s conveyance.
In summary, Eye-Seal’s breach detection device and Eye-Track application provide comprehensive and reliable cargo monitoring solutions that address the growing concerns of cargo theft and tampering. The technology is essential for shippers and governments looking to improve their supply chain security and ensure the safe and regulatory-compliant delivery of cargo across the globe.
“Eye-Seal solutions, highlights how the blending of devices and connectivity enables excellence and innovation, and solves the critical issues we face in the world,” said Carl Ford, CEO of Crossfire Media.
For more than 20 years TMC has been honoring technology companies with awards in various categories. These awards are regarded as some of the most prestigious and respected awards in the communications and technology sector worldwide.  Winners represent prominent players in the market who consistently demonstrate the advancement of technologies.

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